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Metal Gliders is a vehicular combat game with agile movement, rapid pacing, and awesome moments! Here is a list of what is in the demo:

-          Full Controller / Keyboard & Mouse Support!

-          Full Controller Customization! (KB&M coming later)

-          Up to Four Player Local Co-Op! (LAN and Online coming later, you can also play with just AI on your own, or just watch the AI in spectator mode!)

-          Fully functional AI! (For the most part…)

-          Championship Mode! (Ten-minute-long games filled with one-minute-long matches! I recommend playing with 64 cars! Only Arena and Race are implemented for now, but more modes like Horde and Titan are coming later!)

-          Three Vehicles, Three Arenas, One Racetrack. (Small amount, I know, but I was more focused on making the game work first. I’ll be adding more over time.)

-          Four Weapons! (One of which is completely OP!)

-          In-Game Graphics configuration! (Change resolution, V-Sync, window mode, and preset)

-          Optional Shatter Effect (Press V in-game to enable, heavy performance hit)

-          Optional Performance Indicator (Press P in-game to enable)

StatusIn development
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


GlidersDemo_NewArtStyle.zip 16 MB
GlidersDemo.zip 16 MB

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